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Spirit Environment Report

Spirit Environmental report is now a part of SAS Groups report

Spirit Air Cargo Handling environment report 2011

English Version  



Quality & Environment

Spirit currently holds the ISO 14001-2004 certification, and complies fully with all the rules and regulations required by AEA JAR-OPS1. 
 Spirit Air Cargo Handling aims to create responsible and sustainable traffic growth, while reducing environmental impact.
In order to be able to do this, it is important to create policies which are easy to live in accordance with. Our environmental policies are based upon SAS Group's environmental guidelines and then shaped to fit an ISO certified Cargo handling operater. 
 Environmental policy 
 Spirit will continuously improve the environmental impact in its operations so that it's surroundings, customers, suppliers and society in general consider, Spirit to be the leading cargo handling company from an environmental point of view. Spirit will obtain this by: 

- Keep a continuous improvement program
- Maintain (and join) in dialogue with main stakeholders (owners, customers)
- Respect legal and other requirements  
 Sustainability* Policy 
 Sustainable development maintained by:

- Spirit Air Cargo Handling managers encourage and comply with UN Global compact when doing business for Spirit Air Cargo Handling.
- UN Global Compact being integrated in all major supplier contracts.
- Spirit Air Cargo Handling complying with SAS Code of Conduct found on

*Sustainability : Internal working environment, ethical transports & behaviour and social contributions 
 Quality policy  
 The customers will view Spirit as the best supplier of cargo handling,services and availability
Spirit will obtain this by

- Keep a continuous improvement program
- Maintain customer quality meetings